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Introduction to Bartenieff Fundamentals:

with a Somatic Approach


Fall 2022

A Weekend Intensive Format/  over two weekends:

Sat & Sun:  1:00-5:30 pm (with a break)

Oct 22nd & 23rd

Oct 29th & 30th

participants must attend all four days. 


Registration Fee:  $400.00

Can pay in two instalments if needed. 

Payment by E-transfer, cash, or cheque

Workshop held at Green Room Yoga,

East Vancouver/  2645 East Hastings

photo by Tonya Ng of Avis Yang (student) exploring the Bartenieff X-Roll

Introduction to Bartenieff Fundamentals:  with a Somatic Approach

This workshop is open to Dancers, Actors, Somatic Practioners, Pilates and Yoga Instructors and anyone else working in the field of movement, interested in a somatic based body-work.


“I can tell that this was a fantastic introduction because I want to know more and do more.”                                                 

                                                                                                                                      - workshop student 

The Bartenieff Fundamentals are an extension of the Laban Movement Analysis System and are based on the work of Irmgard Bartenieff (1900-1981), dancer and physiotherapist who studied with Rudolf Laban at the beginning of the 20th century.  BF focuses on movement re-patterning and developmental movement, through practicing the fundamentals one can“build” kinetic chains of

neuro-muscular patterning to support integrated movement and full-body connectivity. 

In this workshop participants explore through a somatic approach focusing on; sensorial awareness, breath support, core support, initiation and sequencing, spatial intent, dynamic alignment, shifting of weight, and the relationship between function/ expression.

Students are also introduced to the “Basic Eight” exercises and the Six Developmental Movement Patterns of Body Organization.


This course fulfills theBF pre-requisite for Donna’s Somatic Dance Teacher Training Mentorship Program.

It also fulfills the pre-requiste for the Laban/ Bartenieff Training.   

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