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“I am a dance artist who has been working with Donna since 2007. I have found ease within my movements, as well as a sense of three-dimensionality, and I have felt new sensations in my body."

- student testimonial

Soma Dance

at Scotiabank Dance Centre

downtown Vancouver

Donna skillfully combines her knowledge of movement drives and pathways with a solid understanding of creative structure, from conception to realization. She is generous and playful in her approach, and genuinely cares for people, effortlessly finding the intersection of each person’s interest, ability and curiosity through the common ground of movement.


As a creator, she is decisive and quick, and her language clear and articulate. 



Alisoun Payne, Dance Artist

Dance Composition Workshops:

with a somatic approach to the dance making process

This photo by Yvonne Chew

Blood from Stone, Choreography by Donna Redlick

Dancers in photo:  Alisoun Payne and Olivia Shaffer

“I can tell that this was a fantastic introduction because I want to know more and do more.


As a trauma therapist I greatly value the Bartenieff Fundamentals and the resulting somatic-based knowledge which provides a deeper understanding of the ‘highways of sensation’ and value of somatic repatterning.”

- student testimonial



all three photos above

by Tonya Ng

“Through studying Laban’s concepts with Donna Redlick, I have gained a deeper understanding in how the way we move is related to how we perceive and knowing this gives me the ability to increase my movement possibilities.

Thank-you Donna for your wonderful teaching and expert knowledge on how the body moves. "

- student testimonial

Laban Movement Analysis

A Three Day Introductory Workhop

"Studying with Donna deeply changed my understanding of my body and my teaching. The one-a-one structure of this teaching/mentorship program allowed for personal growth in a very unique way:


I felt heard, supported, encouraged, and that I could ask what I really needed to support my learning, as a dance artist and a dance educator. My movement and my teachings are never going to be the same and I am excited to see what comes next!"

student testimonial

Carolina Bergonzoni

                  Graduate of the Somatic Dance Teacher Training Mentorship Program


Dance Teacher Training:

a 100 hour certificate mentorship program

This photo

by Donna Hagerman


When we move together from a deep intuitive knowing we find a sense of belonging to something far greater than ourselves. 

Moving Empathetically Together

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