“I am a dance artist who has been working with Donna since 2007. I have found ease within my movements, as well as a sense of three-dimensionality, and I have felt new sensations in my body."

- student testimonial

Soma Dance

at Scotiabank Dance Centre

downtown Vancouver

“Through studying Laban’s concepts with Donna Redlick, I have gained a deeper understanding in how the way we move is related to how we perceive and knowing this gives me the ability to increase my movement possibilities. Thank-you Donna for your wonderful teaching and expert knowledge on how the body moves. "

- student testimonial

Laban Movement Analysis

A Three Day Introductory Workhop

“I can tell that this was a fantastic introduction because I want to know more and do more. As a trauma therapist I greatly value the Bartenieff Fundamentals and the resulting somatic-based knowledge which provides a deeper understanding of the ‘highways of sensation’ and value of somatic repatterning.”

- student testimonial



all three photos above

by Tonya Ng

"Studying with Donna deeply changed my understanding of my body and my teaching. The one-a-one structure of this teaching/mentorship program allowed for personal growth in a very unique way: I felt heard, supported, encouraged, and that I could ask what I really needed to support my learning, as a dance artist and a dance educator. My movement and my teachings are never going to be the same and I am excited to see what comes next!"

- Carolina Bergonzoni

student testomonial

                  Graduate of the Somatic Dance Teacher Training Mentorship Program


Dance Teacher Training:

a 100 hour certificate mentorship program

This photo

by Donna Hagerman

Dance Composition Workshop:

with a somatic approach to the dance making process

This photo by Yvonne Chew

Blood from Stone, Choreography by Donna Redlick

Dancers in photo:  Alisoun Payne and Olivia Shaffer