Donna Redlick

CMA (Certified Movement Analyst in Laban/ Bartenieff Studies)

RSME/T(Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist)

MA in Dance Creative Practice, with distinction

Diploma in Dance Teacher Training

BA, Sociology Major


Donna specializes in:

  • Laban Movement Analysis

  • Bartenieff Fundamentals 

  • Movement Repatterning

  • Developmental Movement

  • Somatic Dance Practice  

  • Embodied Practice

  • Choreography/ Composition

Donna is the founder and director of  Moving Arts & Somatic Studies (MASS).

She is a Certified Movement Analyst (in Laban/Bartenieff Studies) and a Registered Somatic Movement Educator/ Therapist (RSME/T). She is a somatic-based Dance Artist, Teacher and Choreographer with 30 years experience. 

photo by Donna Hagerman

 '"I am dedicated to a somatic approach to movement exploring movement as a 'lived' experience. I work from the perspective that how we move affects the way we are in the world. I recognize that each individual has their own rhythm and their own way of moving. I support my clients and my students to tap into their own inner landscape, to move with inner support as they then follow the kinetic-chain towards a pathway of completion within their personal kinesphere. 


Through principles found in Laban/ Bartenieff I support my clients and students to find full-body connectivity and 3-dimensional shaping in space, with their own personal phrasing.I support individuals to develop their movement potential in order to feel whole, integrated, grounded, and connected, to express themselves fully in relationship to themselves, others, and environment."

photo by Yvonne Chew

About Donna

Donna began dancing at the age of 12.  Curious about humanistic studies, she was sure she would pursue a career in social work however her passion for dance and improvisation, inspired by her classes with Linda Rubin in Saskatoon in the early 1980‘s, altered her plans.  Upon finishing her B.A. in sociology (1986) - at the University of Saskatchewan, where she had danced with the University Outreach Dance Program -  she began her professional dance training at Grant MacEwan College of Fine Arts in Edmonton (now MacEwan University) and 1991 graduated with a Dance Teacher Diploma.  It was during her intensive dance training that she discovered her interest for dance composition and choreography, as well as her intrigue for Laban/ Bartenieff methodologies of practice, introduced to her by Charlene Tarver. Tarver worked with Honya Holmes and Irmgard Bartenieff in New York,  two mavericks in the dance and movement field whose worked had been directly influenced by Laban’s ideas on moving dynamically in space with 3-dimensional shaping. 


In 1991 Donna headed to Vancouver to begin her professional career as a choreographer and dance teacher.  Her continued interest for the Laban/ Bartenieff work and re-introduction to the material in Helen Walkley’s classes in the mid 90‘s jumpstarted Donna to do the Laban/ Bartenieff Certification Program. Donna pursued her Laban/ Bartenieff training through the Laban Institute of Movement Studies, hosted at York University in Toronto under the direction of master teacher Janet Kaylo (founder of Laban/ Bartenieff and Somatic Studies International) and in 2004 she became a Certified Movement Analyst.  The methodologies and practices of both Laban and Bartenieff have greatly influenced her work ever since. She enjoys how the principles and concepts of movement, within the Laban/ Bartenieff framework,  support universal movement principles that are accessible to all ages and abilities as a language of movement.  


Donna also holds a Masters in Dance Creative Practice with a somatic approach (with distinction) from Trinity Laban, in partnership with Independent Dance London and Siobhan Davies Dance.  Her time in London and her thesis research focused on sensing in performance and the intersubjective relationship between performer and spectator through a philosophical lens based in phenomenology and post-structural theory. 


Donna received her Masters in Dance in 2012 and in 2015 she became a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist and founded Moving Arts and Somatic Studies (MASS) with the intent to continue to support individuals and her growing clientele to move to their full potential. MASS fosters the growth of somatic dance practice, movement re-patterning, movement analysis, and developmental movement.  

Teaching History

Donna has 30 years of teaching experience which include 28 years at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.  At the Shadbolt Donna founded and worked as Artistic Director of Continuum Dance Company (a community based contemporary dance company for adults) and she directly assisted the Dance Program to develop a program and curriculum of modern dance for all ages. She also worked as director with the Youth In Motion Dance Company for fifteen years.  Donna has also taught as a sessional instructor for Simon Fraser University (SFU) School of Contemporary Arts, as a teacher for the MainDance Bridging Program (a three year professional contemporary training program that ran in Vancouver), as a guest teacher for SFU’s Dance Diploma Field Program, as a guest teacher and choreographer with the Roundhouse Community Dancers, as an artist in residence for the Vancouver School Board, and as a guest Instructor for the BC Teacher’s Federation. In 2008 Donna was hired as core faculty for the Vancouver Certification program with Laban/ Bartenieff and Somatic Studies International™, under the continued tutelage and direction of Janet Kaylo.  She has taught on the LSSI program in both Vancouver, Canada (2006-2008) and on the Zagreb, Croatia program (2016-2017).  Donna also guest teaches for Westcoast Movement Therapy (Vancouver) - founded by Hana Kamea.


Choreographic History

Donna has been working as a professional choreographer since 1993, when she founded Donna Redlick Dance. She has presented in numerous venues and festivals in Canada, US and England. 

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