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Donna Redlick Dance

celebrating 30 years of making dance

Donna Redlick Dance, founded in 1993, is dedicated to a philosophical approach to making dance, creating and producing independent contemporary dance works, installations and films that are based on the subjective and lived experience.  Sensitive to the human condition, and the idea of ‘self’, the movement is sourced from states of reflecting, being and becoming.  


DRD strives to allow the intangible to become somewhat tangible, through the body in motion.  The movement is sourced from a phenomenological perspective, addressing kinaesthetic empathy and one’s lived experience in relation to the world and others. A lens is held up to the moment of the body in relation, hi-lighting moments of emergence. It is as if the ‘dance’ is a tracing of the lived experience through the unfolding of the body in space and time. 


DRD creates works for the stage, site, film, and installation. 


“created an atmosphere of skin-tingling immersion…

 - Ileanna Cheladyn, Vancity Buzz


“dance-as-philosophical speculation.”

- Kaija Pepper, Dance Current


“…thought provoking.”

- Janet Smith, Georgia Straight

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