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Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis:  a somatic approach

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Originated by movement theorist Rudolf Laban, LMA is a framework of principles that supports one to explore, observe and participate in the understanding of human movement. This workshop introduces students to the language of movement and the four categories within the LMA system:  Body, Effort, Shape, Space.   Participants learn more about they way they move, explore how LMA “awakens” their movement potential and discover how movement is in relation to how one perceives. 

  • Discover your movement habits

  • Explore your movement potential

  • Understand movement as a language

  • Develop your movement observation skills

  • Learn how to talk about movement as a subjective and lived experience 

  • Learn how to move the dynamics of Flow, Weight, Time and Space

  • Discover what it means to move 3-dimensionally in one's personal kinesphere

  • Be introduced to the theory of "Space Harmony" and Laban's Movement Scales

  • Be introduced to Motif Writing 

This workshop integrates and balances both a practical and theoretical approach.  Movement observations skills will be developed and there will be active group discussions, observations, and dialogue around movement analysis. Come prepared to moved!

Participants are required to do readings and a movement observation assignment in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Open to Dancers, Actors, Directors, Movement Educators, Movement Coaches, Choreographers, Somatic Practitioners, Yogis, and anyone interested in the field of movement and non-verbal communication.  LMA can been applied to the fields of dance, movement therapy, acting, psychotherapy, communication and occupational therapy. 


“Very enjoyable, the alternating between practical and theoretical

material was very well balanced." 


"An atmosphere of trust and safety to express ourselves was built.

I enjoyed the time and the group."

"Donna creates a very positive place of non-judgement and openness”

Intro to LMA_2018_1.jpg

Students in action

Introduction to LMA course, Spring 2018

This introductory workshop is the prerequisite course for Donna's Somatic Dance Teacher Training Mentorship Program and for the Certification Program with Laban/ Bartenieff and Somatic Studies International.

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