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photo by Tonya Ng

Moving Empathetically Together: in dance

Donna shares practices and methodologies that she has been developing over the years based on being-in-relation while moving and dancing.

These somatic-based classes focuses specifically on developing attunement skills. kinesthetic empathy, and dancing the space between.

These classes (and workshops) are part labrotory-like in nature. Participants must be open to working together with others through witnessing, touch, and intuitive moving dialogues


All explorations are guided within a safe and supportive environment. Each participant is encouraged to have full agency to follow their intuitive knowing as an inner compass. 

Sunday April 16th:  2:00-6:00pm

A One Day Workshop In three Parts:

Part 1:  Connecting to Self 

Part 2:  Self with Other/ moving in relation

Part 3:  building relational movement scores

             a  co-creative process  

Open to All:

dancers, actors, educators, yogis, and movement enthusiasts. All levels welcome. 

Registration Fee


Payment by E-transfer, Cheque, or Cash

© Donna Redlick - 2022

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