Dance Composition:  with a Somatic Approach


Winter 2020

Three Sundays

January 12th, 19th & 26th, 

2:00-5:00pm *

short 2-5 min works-in-progress will be shared in an informal studio sharing the last hour of the last day

Registration Fee:  $225.00

$180.00 for students or underemployed

To Register Email Donna

Dancers are supported to create with a somatic approach, creating works from the inside-out and engaging in a compositional process that involves working from one's 'lived' experience. Sensing, working from impulse, and finding an authentic voice is foregrounded and encouraged.

Through exercises, personal feedback and group support, students will be able to shape a dance work-in-progress that is personal, meaningful and authentic.  Working with others in a supportive, engaging, and dialectical manner is part of the process.  Works in progress will be shared in an informal studio sharing the last hour of class on the last Sunday. 


Donna has been making and presenting dance for over 30 years, and over the years she has developed her own methodology of practice that involves a subjective and somatic approach to the dance making-process. Her unique approach involves setting up questions of investigation, breaking habits to find the new, and utilizing Laban Movement Analysis.