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Solo Dance:  A Somatic Approach to the Choreographic Process 

A Summer Intensive and Mentorship with Donna Redlick


July 10th to 14th, 2023

Mon-Fri, 9:30am-5:00pm

Scotiabank Dance Centre, downtown Vancouver, 677 Davie St

Only 8 spots available - deadline to register is June 10th 


Student Testimonials

“Donna is a master at teaching the art of choreography,"

"I have never experienced another choreography process as thought provoking, introspective and inspiring as Donna's."

"Donna has a unique way of hearing, inspiring and cultivating each voice."

“ Donna Redlick's support for the creation of my choreography can't be overstated."

photo by Rui Nunes

In this five-day summer intensive dancers explore how to create a solo dance diving into an immersive somatic process supported by Donna's unique methodology for the choreographic process. Create self-reflective works based on personal story, ‘lived’ experience, or topics of investigation that move toward individual meaning-making. 

Donna has been making, presenting, and teaching dance for over 35 years and over the last 20 years she has been honing in on developing a somatic methodology now formally synthesized as ‘Soma Dance Practice-Method’. This unique approach can be utilized in both dance training and the creative process. It involves a somatic approach to dance that supports the dancer to dive deep within their bodily-presence and sensorial experiences so that they can move beyond habitual movement patterns. Through this unique approach the dancer finds their authentic voice and learns to dance the space of potential - the 'emergence' of that which is forming (rather than the already formed). 

Donna is committed to supporting dance artists to move and create to their full potential.

During this one-week intensive and mentorship you will learn how to:

  • choreograph from a subjective somatic-based approach using Donna's unique methodology

  • move and create beyond your habitual way of moving

  • tap into your full potential as a mover and as a dance-maker

  • create dance works that are meaningful, thought-provoking and engaging

  • research when making a dance

  • propose questions while you research

  • use sourcing techniques to source movement material that is authentic

  • use editing techniques

  • work with a clear motif 

  • use methods of construction in the dance-making process

  • work with others in a creative process, to offer support and receive support

  • engage in supportive critical dialogue during the creative process

  • receive feedback and support that moves you towards your full potential

  • stay curious and grounded in your dance making process. 

  • 'let go' during the creative process to allow something 'other' to emerge

  • find your artistic voice as a dance-maker

Summer Intensive Logistics:

  • Participants must have a min of 2 to 3 yrs of contemporary dance experience

  • Dancers must be able to commit to being in the studio all week during the intensive, Monday to Friday (July 10-14), from 9:30am to 5:00pm.

  • A one-hour lunch break is provided during the day. 

  • The solo works-in-progress created during the intensive will be shared in an informal studio sharing, with invited guests, on the last day of the workshop - Friday afternoon July 14th, 3:00-4:30pm.

  • The intensive is held at the Scotiabank Dance Centre in downtown Vancouver:  677 Davie Street. 

  • Students are sent preliminary questions to investigate two weeks before the workshop begins as a way to prepare

Interested participants must contact Donna to set up a phone interview before registering.

Email Donna to arrange a time. 

Only 8 spots available

Intensive/ Mentorship Registration Fee:  $650.00 *

a $100 deposit is required upon registration. Registration deadline is June 10th. 

Payment can be made by E transfer, cash, cheque or Pay Pal. 


*a 15% discount may be offered for under-employed on the full fee only (does not apply to Early Bird Fee). Please inquire if you need to discuss this option.  

Out of town students may want to attend Dancing on the Edge Festival Performances scheduled to run July 6-15th. 





all text above reserved by Donna Redlick, Copyright 2023

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