Dance Composition with a Somatic Approach:   Winter Workshops, 2022

  • For Dancers and Dance Teachers (all levels welcome, community and professional)

  • Students must have some dance/ movement experience from within a contemporary context (min 1-2 yrs)

  • Bring a curious mind and an openness to explore.

  • In order to register participants must present their vaccine card and wear a mask in studio.


photo by Rui Nunes

Solo Dance: Creative Processes

Dancers are guided on how to source movement material in creative process through a somatic approach to dance making, to create solo work from the 'lived' experience. Working from personal story or individual meaning-making is the focus so that students can begin to source material that is personal and authentic. The workshop involves sourcing movement material from sensing experiences, impulse work, repetition and recall. Working with others and offering feedback in a supportive, engaging, and dialectical manner is also part of the process. 


Note: Preliminary questions are emailed to participants a week before the workshop begins. Participants will need to set aside some time to self-reflect upon the questions before the first class. 


Two Fridays

March 11th and 18th, 2022


ScotiaBank Dance Centre

Sliding Scale $90.00 to $150.00*

*sliding scale fee offered one time only

In order to register participants must present their vaccine card and wear a mask in studio.



Moving Empathetically Together 

This composition workshop focuses on developing group choreography through embodied practices based in kinesthetic empathy and relational choreographic processes.  Donna shares practices that she has been developing over the years based on being-in-relation, attuning to other(s), and collective meaning-making. Participants are directly involved in a collective choreography process, directed by Donna, and during this process learn more about relational choreographic processes and empathy in motion. Participants must be open to working collaboratively and open to working in a somatic-based environment. 

Two Sundays

February 27th and March 6th


ScotiaBank Dance Centre

sliding scale $90.00 to $150.00*

*sliding scale fee offered one time only

Group work is the focus of this workshop. 

Note:  We will be working in close proximity to one another.

In order to register participants must present their vaccine card and wear a mask in studio.


photo by Rui Nunes

 Donna has been making and presenting dance for over 30 years.  She has developed her own methodology of compositional practice that involves a subjective and somatic approach to the dance making-process. Her unique somatic approach involves setting up questions of investigation that invite one to respond through bodily-presence, in the moment. Breaking habitual movement patterns to find ‘the unknown’ utilizing concepts from Laban Movement Analysis is foregrounded.