Private Sessions in Movement Analysis & Somatic Movement Patterning

Photos by Tonya Ng

  • 'Let go' of tension holding patterns held in the body

  • Explore body-mind connection

  • Become aware of your movement habits 

  • Re-pattern your movement (s)

  • Learn about Developmental Movement Patterning

  • Discover patterns of full-body connectivity

  • Develop breath support and core support

  • Develop inner kinetic chains of support

  • Learn to move injury free

  • Explore  3-dimensional movement

  • Explore movement as a language

  • Develop your expressive movement palette

  • Become more embodied

A client's perspective 

Sessions are for:

  • Anyone, at any age, wanting to develop their movement potential

  • Anyone dealing with a chronic injury, tension holding patterns, or feelings of stress 'held' within the body

  • Anyone looking to re-pattern their movement to support integrated movement and healthy living

  • Anyone interested in a somatic approach to movement, body-mind connectivity, and movement expression

  • Dancers, Actors and Performers wanting to develop their expressive movement palette

  • Those interested in practicing Laban/ Bartenieff concepts

  • Movement Educators wanting to learn more about Laban/ Bartenieff and a somatic approach to movement

  • Anyone who wants to learn more about movement as a language and as a way to express

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Sessions are:

  • Somatic-based

  • Tailor-made for each individual

  • Offered in a supported environment

  • Supported through methodologies found in Laban

       Movement Analysis and the Bartenieff Fundamentals

Due to Covid all sessions are held online (until further notice)

Private Session Fees 

60 min session:   $80.00

90 min session :  $100.00

Payment due at session by Cash, Cheque, E-transfer 

Package Fees*:

60 Min Package Fees

Three sessions:     $210 ($70/ session)

Five sessions:        $325 ($65/ session)

90 min Package Fees:

Three sessions:    $270 ($90/ session)

Five sessions:      $425 ($85/ session)

*Packages must be purchased at the first session and be used within a three-month period.

Clients can pay in two instalments if committing to a package. Half due at first session.