Soma Dance

founded by Donna Redlick

What is Soma Dance?

Soma Dance was founded by Donna Redlick in 2012. In Soma Dance students explore Bartenieff Fundamantals and concepts from the Laban Framework, in applications to dance, with a somatic approach.  Rather than focusing on mastering dance forms and techniques, like one would in a ‘formal’ dance technique class, participants are guided to hone in on their sensing experience.  Discovering how to move and initiate from the inner landscape of the body, and bridging between inner bodily-space to outer kinesphere space is explored.  Students are supported and guided to dance from inner rhythm until ‘feeling forms’ emerge. These feeling forms, which are individual to each person, are then taken into shared dance experiences. One’s subjective experience is foregrounded and awareness of kinesthetic empathy is developed while dancing with others.

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Soma Dance:


for dancers with experience 

Friday Mornings:


* the last class on April 29 is scheduled from 9:45-11:45am

Scotia Bank Dance Centre, downtown Vancouver, 677 Davie Street

Spring Session:  March 25th to April 29th, 2022 - 5 class session (no class Apr 15th)


Registration fee:  $175.00 ($150 concession fee)  

Early Bird Fee:  Register and pay by Friday March 4th and save 15%

                           $148.75   / $127.50 concession fee


Scotia Bank Dance Centre, downtown Vancouver, 677 Davie Street

Registration for Session is required.

This is not a drop in class.  

Must wear mask and show vaccination card. 



Soma Dance:  

Open Level

All Welcome*

*All levels are welcome however participants should feel comfortable with floor work and level change. Adaptation is always an option. 


Monday Evenings:


Scotia Bank Dance Centre, downtown Vancouver, 677 Davie Street

Must wear mask and show vaccination card. 

During Covid students have full agency to remain physically distanced if they would rather

not do touch-based practice. 

Winter Session 1:  January 24th - February 14th, 2022 - 4 class session

Registration fee:  $105.00  ($90 concession fee)  

What to expect within a Soma Dance Class:

The first part of class takes place on the floor exploring Developmental Movement Patterns and Bartenieff Fundamentals. In this part of class some hands on for re-patterning work, with partners, may also integrated.  Participants explore the support of gravity and wake-up inner bodily pathways to develop kinetic chains for total body connectivity. The floor work progresses towards rolling, weight shifting and propulsion through space. Some level changing is also explored.  Students may adapt if needed. 


The second part of class transitions into dancing in kinesphere space, as well as general space, exploring concepts found within the Laban Movement Framework. In this part of the class students are guided to dance with a somatic approach through a specific methodology based on structured improvisation, presence, repetition, recall, and awareness of phrasing. Witnessing and ‘holding space’ for each other to dance towards newness, beyond habit, is key to this part of the class. 


The third and final part of class hones in on working with personal dance phrases in relation with others, to create compositions in the moment. Kinesthetic empathy and attuning to one another is fore-grounded.   Throughout the entire class we will move in relation to ourselves and in relation with others in order to support both a subjective and inter-subjective experience. There will be moments for self-reflection, sharing and dialogue. 

Dancer Harmanie Taylor describes her experience as a student in Soma Dance Class with Donna. 

photos on this page by Tonya Ng